Making education fun!  Promoting education and teaching science through a magic show.

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    • Psychology
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    • Chemistry
    • Optics

Gambit Entertainment 

  • Life Science
    • Functional Biology
    • Cellular Biology


Gambit has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering (B.E.).  Using his education he teaches different concepts of science that apply in everyday life.  He also shows the importance of learning and understanding these concepts to improve, as well as increase the efficiency of one’s daily life.  Using his post-grad degree from Law School (LL.B.) Gambit promotes how concepts of science can be interpreted and manipulated in non-conventional ways to achieve unbelievable results.   He demonstrates his hypothesis using magic tricks.  Gambit has performed magic for 10 years in 7 countries and using magic tricks he questions the current laws of science to corroborate the importance of studying further.


The 'Magic of Science' is a magic show which teaches various laws of science.  The show reinforces the Youth STEM Program implemented by the Ontario Government.  The objective is to promote the value of knowledge, while exhibiting the enticing benefits of earning a strong education. Type your paragraph here.

Gambit aims to encourage students to think and seek knowledge.  The goal is to inspire pioneers for tomorrow’s generation.  By combining different branches of science Gambit demonstrates how his science-based education has benefited me intuitively in the courtroom, as well as innovatively as a Magician. 


The show was engaging and fun for both the students and teachers. I liked the link between science and magic. It was an innovative approach to teach the students the value of science. It was a great experience for the students to see how one of the magic tricks were performed and some of them tried to do it at home with their families.

I would definitely have Gambit back to educate and entertain the students.

                                                          - Mrs. Sharma / Kindergarten / Shoreham Sports and Wellness Academy

The "Magic of Science" show was an engaging and informative endeavour. It is a unique and innovate approach to teach students about science.  They loved you and the show and we would all definitely want you to come back to wow us again. Many of the students became excited about science and are now all wanting to enrol in the course next year so thank you for sparking that curiosity in them.

                                                         - Ms. Mian / Special Education 9-11 / Maple High School


The show elicits the importance of science in everyday life, as well as how understanding and effectively applying fundamentals of science will aid students to excel in any career field they wish to pursue.  A student who aspires towards an artistic career path will learn how science [connected to their interests] can empower them to be an avant-garde of their time.  A student who is already interested in a STEM-based career will realize that the field is constantly progressing- the goal is to reinforce their pre-existing thirst for scientific knowledge.

The show, using illusions, demonstrates and discusses the following Branches of Science: