Gambit Entertainment 

Make your child's next event a whimsical one filled with science and fun by picking up one of my three party packages. I use the power of magic to create amazing optical illusions that will leave your children wanting more. My magic shows are so captivating and entertaining that your child won't even realize that they are simultaneously being educated in cellular biology, chemistry, and more! Hey, who know, you may even pick up a fact or two!

Coming from a huge family with 28 first cousins, I have learned that a focused child is the best listener, and I've mastered the art of keeping young people seated and listening.

When I was younger I used magic tricks to keep my little cousins entertained.  It was the only way I knew how to keep them seated and listening to me for long periods of time.”

I use my own unique goofy, silly sense of humour to keep the children laughing while simultaneously amazing them with awesome magic tricks. I can also impress them with balloon animals.