Gambit Entertainment 

Believe in the impossible.

A Canadian through and through, I was born in Montreal, and grew up in Toronto.

After mastering the basic levels of magic (such as card manipulation) I began my travels in India, where I spent four years studying yoga and the ancient arts of magic. I learned the famous Indian Rope trick, snake charming and how to perform feats of impossible body manipulation that require absolute bodily control.

Next stop—the UK! I entertained audiences throughout England, simultaneously learning wit and banter in local restaurants and pubs, on stage and off-stage.

I began my magic journey over a decade ago as a nerdy kid with a deck of cards, who simply performed card tricks to make people smile. Now I can say my arsenal includes far more than card tricks. My performances now include fire breathing, levitation, mind reading, body and matter manipulation, and so much more. By combining the multicultural techniques and experiences I have gained I have developed performances that seamlessly combine entertainment and wonder.